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Kori has shown me the kind of guidance I've been looking for for years - somehow balancing gentleness with calling me out when needed; helping me identify the ways I can uplift myself in my relationship (and in my life in general) and how to navigate making room for both my partner and I, in all our nuances, imperfections, and good intentions, in a way that is healthier for our relationship, and healthier for me.


Kori has been a valuable resource in so many different ways helping our family. Due to past historical familial events, combined with modern creative circumstances, we have had a rather complex set of challenges. Kori has always been available with her unique insight and experiences to help give our family a way forward through often difficult circumstances. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and guide through life.


If you’ve ever had a moment of closing your eyes during a stressful moment in your life where you allowed yourself to slow down and connect to a deeper part of your body or being, it is the same feeling I experience when I work with Kori. She empowers me to build a better relationship with myself and my surroundings.


Kori's wisdom and compassion are palpable in her life and her work.  She has a genuine authenticity to her. She uses humor and lessons based on practical living and reality to gently assist me on my journey. I am grateful to call her one of my 'teachers' in life.


Kori's kind, insightful approach helped me realize how much pain from my youthful years was impacting my current life. With humor and probing questions, she is putting me on a path to heal the emotionally deprived aspects of my past.

Bob (proudly 80+ yrs old)

Kori is an amazing person! She's an avid listener and so gentle in her tone and explanations. She even brings some humor to our sessions which makes it very easy to relax and understand what she is trying to impart.


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