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Practical mental, emotional, and spiritual skills you can learn and apply that will empower you to create relationships that THRIVE!

Balancing Rocks


Metacognition is a fancy way of describing one's ability to witness one's own mind. Like most things, our minds tends to behave better when someone is watching 👀


Embodiment means to experience the sensations and wisdom of one's body. Often times we override the body with the mind and miss a whole host of cues and information that could serve us.


We came into this world with a set of parents that did the best they could with the resources they had. God bless them, they tried. As grown-ups we get to pick up where they left off because no one can parent us like we can!


Boundaries are how we define ourselves: who we are; what we need and our preferences; what we expect and how we connect. At their best, they are rooted in SELF-KNOWLEDGE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE allowing us to create intentional relationships and a fulfilling life.

The Individual Determines the Relationship

Since 2005, I’ve helped my clients break painful relationship patterns that have kept them from enjoying fulfilling relationships. In my experience, the patterns that play out between people reflect patterns of perception, thinking, judgment and beliefs within each individual. Relationships heal when individual's heal.*  Healing means unhealthy and maladaptive patterns of relating are acknowledged, tended to, and transformed into Truth. As corny and cliche as it sounds it's true: the truth will set you free.   

*In the case of intimate partner violence or abuse, individual healing usually means shifting patterns of thinking, perception, judgements, and beliefs that are keeping them in an unsafe environment. 

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