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Book Recommendations

Kori is a zealous reader of mental, emotional, and spiritual texts. She frequently recommends books to her clients to enrich the process and extend their work together beyond their brief sessions. Below is a list of her favorites. Please click on the links below to purchase your new or used books from As a thriftbook affiliate Kori receives a modest commission from the links below. Thank you for your support.  

Image by Erriko Boccia

Check out my growing list of titles that invite you to return home to yourself and empower you to restructure your inner life to be a place of comfort, safety, kindness, and joy. 

This growing list of titles will help you better understand the nature of relationships and embrace their full potential as a source of giving and receiving love. 

Image by Oziel Gómez
Father and Children

Explore this growing list of resources for parents who strive to parent from wholeness and show up as their best selves for their children.  

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