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Inner Resourcing for Optimists

Because sometimes presuming everything is "All Good" limits our capacity to learn and love.
Inner Resourcing for Optimists

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Time is TBD

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I am a proud card carrying optimist. I wouldn't change it for the world! Yet, in everyone's life there comes stormy seasons and expreinces where the glitter and sparkles just aren't congruent. There are times we need to sit in the shit, either with ourselves or another. It's uncomfortable and often painful, but it's where empathy, thruth and wisdom sometimes hide out. 

In this webinar, we will explore why we are triggered to make "everything ok" and rush to reject negativity. And we will explore the power of learning to navigate the unfamliar waters of suffering, discontent and pain. I know... I know... not the way an optimists wants to spend an evening, yet optimisim is often rooted in a commitment to love. This webinar will help you love better! I'm optimistic it will be transformative ;) 

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