I have been a compassionate, loving, and thoughtful guide and teacher for the many students and clients I have worked with since 2004.  Combining my personal experiences of overcoming years of depression and chronic pain, finding my way thru and out of dysfunctional relationships, and my commitment to self-study with my academic pursuits in Sociology and Spiritual Psychology I help people navigate the often paradoxical journey toward self-awareness and healing.

My passion for wanting to understand human behavior began when I was a teen as I watched my parents struggle in their relationship while going through my own teenage turmoil in isolation. An obsessive reader, I turned to every self-help and spiritually grounded book I could find. In college I studied psychology, anthropology, and sociology, eventually receiving my M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. I also have advanced training and proficiency in yoga and chakra theory as well as basic training and practice in massage therapy and Reiki I and II to help me better understand the inter-connectedness of the body, heart, and mind in how they interpret, process, and express themselves in our inner and outer worlds.

I use my diverse training and intuition to guide my clients through an enlightening experience of healing, awakening, forgiveness, empowerment, and growth.  Using direct and insightful dialogue, breath-work, guided meditation, journaling exercises, and more, I encourage my clients to be honest, loving, and, when appropriate, light-hearted as they discover their growth potential within the challenges they face.

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