My passion for understanding human behavior began when I was a teen. I watched my parents struggle in their unhappy relationship while going through my own teenage turmoil in isolation.

As the empath in my family, I had a whole lot of feelings but lacked the inner resources to know what to do with them all. Outwardly I learned to put a smile on my face, yet inwardly I lived with a tornado of hurt, disappointment, fear, and anxiety. I desperately needed help but didn’t see anyone around capable of helping me. So, like all instinctual humans in this position, I devised my own ways of coping:

  • Being loved didn’t seem possible, so I settled for being needed. Naturally averse to conflict, I assigned myself as the peacekeeper in the family, and everyone else went along with it.   

  • My needs weren’t considered, so I settled for people-pleasing and felt satiated by filling other people’s needs. I stuffed my needs down so much, I assumed I had none and took pride in my “adaptability.”  

  • I didn’t feel seen, so I settled for being sexualized and the attention it gave me.

My emotional pain transmuted into physical pain in my 20’s, when I was diagnosed with a progressive chronic pain disorder, R.S.D. (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). The prognosis was a lifelong sentence, yet after 5-years, I was off all medication and enjoying a life I was told wasn’t possible.

I was saved repeatedly by my connection with a Loving Presence I sometimes call God, the Beloved, or the Divine.  

While my load often felt heavy, I sensed there was more to Life besides my overwhelming pain. In my academic pursuits, I reached, dug, and strived to understand and heal. I learned a whole lot… about myself, other humans, and how often we create and perpetuate our own suffering.

My Life and my Life’s work are intimately intertwined. I am an obsessive student. Learning is one of my greatest joys, especially learning about myself and other humans. 

Teaching what I learn is one of God’s gifts to me and a way God expresses Itself through me.  

I have come to realize that our ineffective and unconscious strategies in Life are rooted in a lack of mental, emotional, and spiritual resources. They don’t teach that stuff in school, and most of our parents were clueless too.

My journey has been one of healing from ineffective coping strategies and misunderstandings while learning the inner resources I need to grow through challenges and develop the confidence to overcome challenges and create an inspired life

RESUME: I studied psychology, anthropology, and sociology in college, eventually receiving my M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. I am currently working on a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I also have advanced training and proficiency in yoga and chakra theory, basic training and practice in massage therapy, and Reiki I and II. These have helped me better understand the inter-connectedness of the body, heart, and mind in how they interpret, process, and express themselves in our inner and outer worlds.

I am happily married with two free spirited children and live on a farm in Southern Oregon with our dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and goats. 

HOW I WORK: I use my diverse training and refined intuition to guide clients through an enlightening experience of healing, awakening, forgiveness, empowerment, and growth. Using direct and insightful dialogue, breath-work, guided meditation, journaling exercises, and more, I encourage my clients to be honest, loving, and, when appropriate, light-hearted