Stop Complaining

Let’s make a pact right here and now… no more complaining! No one likes being around a “complainer”, yet we all do it. Here’s the deal: Complaining is something we do when we’re in a [...]

Top 5 Reasons People Haven’t Tried Yoga… Yet

As a yoga teacher I know I have a bit of a bias when I say that every oneshould try yoga. While celebrities have helped to make yoga fashionable, most people know at least one [...]

Teacher Training: From A Trainers Perspective

I first fell in love with yoga 14 years ago after I walked out of my first yoga class blissed-out and completely at peace. The next time I fell in love with yoga was during [...]

Empowering Yourself Through Yoga

“Yoga is existential, experimental, experiential. No belief required, no faith is needed- only the courage to experience, to experiment, to take the jump into the unknown. Patanjali does not say, “Believe and then you will [...]

The Sound of My Own Voice

“Drop all “shoulds,” drop all guides. That’s the only guidance I can give to you. Just be totally alone, and listen to your own Inner voice. Trust life and nobody else. When are you going [...]

Tis’ the Season

Happy holidays!!! It is time for family traditions and a lot of personalities gathering together in small spaces   While tradition is a powerful anchor to the legacy of a family’s history it also has [...]