Chakra Mala

Chakra MalaChakra Malas are beautiful tools to support you on your spiritual path, whatever path that may be. The power in a mala isn’t magical or esoteric. It’s as simple as the power of repetition and association. The more often you use your mala, the more it becomes associated with the object of your meditation. Wearing the mala through out the day then becomes a reminder of your meditation. The power of association is directly reflected by your repeated use of it as a mediation tool. The two are inseparable.

While working to heal imbalances in a particular chakra, Chakra Malas provide the energetic support of the stones and elements adorning each mala, but also YOUR energy consciously cultivated in your meditation and/ or mantra practice. Working with Chakra Malas you may experience subtle, yet powerful shifts in unconscious patterns as you use and wear the mala as a beautiful reminder of your conscious efforts and healing intentions. Chakra Malas support you in infusing your practice into your life.


Chakra Malas can be used in meditation as a way to “count” the repetitions of a mantra. The more often you repeat your mantra, the more embedded it becomes in your consciousness and opens up new pathways of possibility in your mind. Wearing the Chakra Mala then becomes a reminder that supports you living your intention(s).
How to get the most out of your Chakra Mala:

  • Each Chakra Mala is created with powerful stones or crystals that contain unique energetic qualities. Choose a Chakra Mala that aligns with your intention(s).
  • Create a mantra that best reflects your intention(s).
  • Then power up your Chakra Mala by using each of the 108 beads to repeat your mantra every day for at least 30 days.


Chakra Malas can also be used to “count” your breathes in meditation. When wearing the Chakra Mala outside of your meditation practice, it becomes a powerful reminder to take a step away from the chattering mind to simply experience your breath and experience the simplicity of the moment without all the mind’s interpretations of it.
Our Chakra Malas are stunning yet functional jewelry intended to remind you that your life IS your practice.


All malas traditionally include 108 beads, plus the “guru bead”. This begs the question, “Why 108?” There seem to be as many explanations of 108’s significance as there are beads. All of the explanations point to the sacredness of this number. 108 shows up repeatedly in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism; whether counting the number of human virtues or vices or sacred texts or names for God. It appears in astrology several times correlating the sun, Earth, and moon in their distances and diameters.  Numerological, it relates to spiritual completion and the highest ideal of unconditional love. As I said, I could go on, but I would merely be repeating the plethora of information and misinformation already on the Internet. Clearly it is a special number. The sheer number of associations and references to108 are enough to hint at the taste of its mystical, mysterious and Divine energy. My answer to this question is that there are many answers to this question and I am content with living the question.

That said, there are in actuality 109 beads. There are 108 beads around the “garland” and a single bead or precious stone just off the circle. This “guru bead” has a distinct purpose. Most obviously it marks the end of one cycle or round of meditation or prayer. When one reaches the guru bead while counting rather than continuing to the next bead, pause, turn the mala around and continue the next cycle in the reverse direction. This pause and U-turn is a great opportunity to recommit and reconnect to the purpose of your practice.

For me, the guru bead is a moment to acknowledge all of my spiritual teachers and pause in gratitude for their teachings and their grace. While many of us in the West do not have a direct guru-disciple relationship, we all have teachers that have guided us and/or inspired us on our path. This bead reminds me that while ultimately the work is up to me, I am not traveling this road alone. I am where I am because of the teachers that have come before me and their teachers before them.