Yoga and Pregnancy

Q. I recently found out I’m pregnant! Can I still practice yoga? A. Congratulations!!! Yes, as long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy yoga can be a wonderful way to connect to your body as it goes through radical changes; prepare you for labor and delivery; and support [...]

Is Yoga a Religion?

Q. I know you chant and use the word “God” or “the Divine” occasionally in your classes; is yoga a religion? A. The yoga that we are most familiar with and practice today in the West has its roots in Hindu Yoga. However, it is not necessary or even required [...]

What does “OM” mean?

Q. What does “Om” mean? A.  Such a great question! Om or Aum is frequently chanted before, after and/or during yoga classes and its symbol is a popular icon for yogis every where showing up on t-shirts, tattoos, bumper stickers and jewelry. Om is considered a sacred sound, so it [...]

How were you able to let go using yoga?

Q. Hi Kori. I ran across your bio and found it similar in ways to my life. Similar in the fact that I’ve battled depression and anxiety ever since I can remember. Was on several different meds, in and out of therapy sessions, struggled with alcohol and drugs. I know [...]

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