Kori Strobl has been a compassionate, loving, and thoughtful teacher for the many students and clients she has worked with over the years.  Using her own experiences of overcoming years of depression and healing from what was diagnosed as a “life-long” chronic pain disorder, Kori has inspired others to tap into their own courage and embark on a journey toward self-awareness and healing. Through yoga postures, breath work, guided meditation and direct and insightful dialogue and exercises, Kori encourages her clients to be honest and loving as they discover what has been holding them back in owning and expressing their unique brilliance and heart-centered passion.

Kori triumphed over her depression and later over R.S.D. (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) through her passion to understand her own suffering and her faith in the goodness of a Higher Power. Each of these profound trials in her life presented Kori with the opportunity to experience the power of her mind; the freedom to choose her thoughts; the ability to shift her perception regardless of contrary evidence; and the conviction to hold her vision of a life of health and wholeness. While these lessons continue to evolve her soul, she is grateful for the powerful impact these milestones have had on her personality, emotional maturity, and deepening spiritual connection.

Kori’s passion for wanting to understand human behavior led her to study psychology, anthropology and sociology, eventually receiving her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

Due to her seemingly miraculous healing from the pain and trauma of her bout with R.S.D., Kori also pursued training in yoga, massage therapy, and Reiki to help her better understand the body and how to support it in its remarkable self-healing abilities.  She considers the most powerful influence in her healing to be a shift in her perception: hopelessness to hopefulness; woefulness to gratitude; and resistance to surrender. Her recovery was not instantaneous, but rather intimately aligned with her growing acceptance of these new ways of being.

In the yoga studio, Kori teaches a graceful flow class integrated with moments of stillness. Kori skillfully blends intelligent sequencing, conscientious alignment, breath work and meditation with a light-hearted and practical approach. Her background and continued studies in anatomy, subtle body, yoga philosophy and spiritual psychology allow her to incorporate enlightening themes into her classes that allow her students to expand their practice beyond their mats and into their lives. She teaches mixed level classes, mentors new teachers, leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.


BA Applied Research and Sociology @ San Diego State University
200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training @ Full Spectrum Yoga
70-hr CE Yoga Teacher Training @ Yoga Works
640-hr Certified Massage Therapy @ American Institute of Message Therapy
Second Degree Reiki Certification @ Master Charlotte Buckland
MA Spiritual Psychology @ University of Santa Monica