Q. What does “Om” mean?

A.  Such a great question! Om or Aum is frequently chanted before, after and/or during yoga classes and its symbol is a popular icon for yogis every where showing up on t-shirts, tattoos, bumper stickers and jewelry. Om is considered a sacred sound, so it doesn’t have a definition in the traditional sense, but it certainly carries with it a lot of meaning. For many Om is considered to be the first sound of creation… So instead of the Big Bang you might consider it the Big Om.  For those that don’t subscribe to the Big Bang/Om theory, fear not, Om is also considered to be the sound of silence. Quantum physics is now confirming what the ancient yogis described to us in the ancient text of the Vedas and the Upanishads many moons ago; that everything in the Universe vibrates and is alive. When we are able to sit in silence (the silence within, not a silent room or cave) we can tune into this vibration and hear, experience and participate in the hum of this vibration which is the sound Om. When this happens it is considered to be pure bliss as the one who has “tuned in’ not only tunes into the sound om but to all of creation, the whole, the holy.

When we chant Om in our classes or meditate on Om in our own personal practice it’s as if we’re tuning our own vibration to be able to resonate with the consecrated vibration of the Universe. We invite the deeper experience and awareness of our connection and participation in the whole. Imagine no longer feeling lonely or separate, but knowing you absolutely belong and you are an essential note in the grand symphony of it all! May you all Om your lil’ hearts out!!