From Tadasana step your left foot back approximately four feet from your right foot, lining up your left arch with your right heel (a little more tight rope-ish than warrior 1). The left heel should stretch to the floor with your toes turned out between 45-90 degrees. Line up your hips directly underneath your shoulders (be especially mindful of your left hip, it tends to stick out to the left when people first move into this position). Externally rotate your right thigh, bend your right knee and line it up over your right ankle (it has a tendency to want to fall to the left so you may have to work to keep it aligned with your right hip). Lift and lengthen your arms out to shoulder height, palms face down (keep your shoulders relaxed, let your arms lift by stretching them away from each other rather than contracting them up). Finish by turning your head and with a soft gaze look out over your right fingers.