Stand with your feet leg width apart with your toes facing forward. Support your knees by contracting your quadriceps about 85% (100% generally locks the knees back). Hinge from your hips and fold forward leading with your heart. Keep your thighs firm and lift your sit bones away from your heels to lengthening the spine and hamstrings. There are several variations for your arms: A) place your hands on the floor between your feet, fingers facing forward, shoulder width apart. Draw the shoulders up your back lifting your shoulders away from your ears. Bend your elbows keeping your elbows shoulder width apart. B) Keep your hands on your hips lifting your shoulders up your back and out of your ears. C) Interlace your fingers behind your back bringing your palms together. Straighten your elbows drawing your hands off your back and reaching them over your head toward the floor. Draw your shoulders up your back and out of your ears. D) Wrap your index and middle fingers around your big toes. Keeping your shoulders up your back and our of your ears, bend your elbows away from each other keeping your spine long.