Happy holidays!!! It is time for family traditions and a lot of personalities gathering together in small spaces :-)   While tradition is a powerful anchor to the legacy of a family’s history it also has the potential to limit the level of intimacy possible within a family.  Holding too tightly to tradition limits the family’s ability to show up in the truth of who they are now. With kids growing up, kids having kids, parents getting older and financial situations fluctuating, families are constantly changing. Embrace your traditions and perhaps take a moment to consider the intention behind your traditions. If it is no longer serving that intention or if your intentions have shifted perhaps there is space for something new!

Families are containers for each individual’s history as well. You have known them your whole life!!! This is a precious anchor for feelings of belonging and a sense of being a part of something larger than yourselves. One of the challenges with this is that we often view our family members from their history rather than receiving them as they are now. This season, is it possible for you to let go of expectations and instead be curious and open to surprises with the people you think you know best? And are you willing to risk showing up as the person you are now?

Don’t let the presents under the tree be the only surprises this season… be willing to surprise yourself as you relate to yourself and others in this new, accepting, loving and magical way: mindfully and in the present moment. May each of you open your eyes Christmas morning to the blessings that surround you in loving yourself, your family and the community of Beings on this planet together!