“‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ We tend to think that taking that single step will in itself lead us to the destination. But, the entire journey has to be traveled step by step. We are not actually going from the past to the present to the future, but we are going from now to now to now- one step at a time.” – Prasad

There is a word/concept in sanskrit called:svabhava. And like most Sanskrit words it has several definitions. One of them defines it as our “true nature”. This is the one energy, consciousness, spirit, whatever you call it, that is within each of us and connects us to each other and all things. However, svabhava also is interpreted to mean each of our unique and individual “true nature”, or expression, of this one energy. In other words, nothing is created mechanically or soullessly; we are all here on purpose. Svabhava describes the unique seed potentials within each of us, whether they are expressed or dormant.

Another description of svabhava I found was “self-becoming”. So it is not only describing our potential, but the journey toward realizing our potential. One of the ways to get in touch with these deeper aspects of ourselves is to simply ask, “Why am I here? What are my unique gifts?” Then sit in stillness and silence and allow the answers to unfold. This does not mean, sit down and write a list of pros or cons, or think about what the answers could be. Rather, we must make time to be still and quiet enough to listen for the deep voice within us that is beyond thinking. In other words, we must stop just trying to survive and be open to a bigger picture. This is one of the ways meditation can be useful.

Another way to tap into this potential within is to become mindful of our samskara or habitual mode of being. By acting from habits, we are unconsciously carrying the past with us into the present. And what worked in the past, will not always work or be applicable in our next step of evolution. We need to constantly examine our samskara in order to let go of what holds us back, let go of the shoulds and should nots, let go of the past. As we let go into the present we begin to open ourselves to our authentic, creative, unique, special and magnificent nature.

No one can bring what you have to offer to the world; it is your sole/ soul responsibility.