“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

I love love!!!! It’s such a wonderful experience to feel love, be in love, experience love! Happy Yoga from Steve Ross describes this experience of love beautifully. Here’s a few excerpts I shared with you a few weeks ago, please take them to heart…

“The love you experience at any time with any person is not coming from them: it’s coming from inside of you. It’s your experience of your true self. The other person is simply the stimulus.”

“To look for fulfillment in a relationship is to expect the external world to give you something it can’t: continued love and happiness. If relationships were the source of happiness, everyone who had one would be happy.”

“Expecting someone to complete you is not love, it is expecting someone to complete you. Expecting someone to satisfy you and make you happy is not love, it is expecting someone to satisfy you and make you happy.”

And my favorite… “Be love. It’s that simple. If you can, let go of wanting approval. Let go of wanting love. Give yourself some approval, give yourself some love. You may realize that this is enough. If you can let go of resisting who you are, and allow yourself to be, exactly as you are, you might feel a tremendous relief. That is loving yourself.”

Not much more I can add to these words of wisdom… except may you fall in love with yourself and with life today and every day as you open your heart to experience the truth of who you are